Choosing an Ergonomic Computer Chair

Choosing an Ergonomic Computer Chair

It is extremely important that you choose the right ergonomic computer seat because wrong choices can result in back pain and even repetitive stem injury RSI. Whether you sit at the computer desk all day or just occasionally, its important for your muscles, tendons and posture that you choose the chair that is best for you.

As computers get more popular, we tend to spend more time sitting in front of them! It is unlikely to surprise you, but you may be surprised at what might happen if you do not have the appropriate type of chair to sit on. Comfortable and cozy are not relevant features - You need to choose an ergonomic computer chair that provides back support, preventing you from overcoating or sitting hunched too close to your desktop.

Here are some tips on choosing the right ergonomic computer seat, because if you get wrong it can cause a lot of back and neck for your back and neck.

Seat height

The height can be adjusted, preferably with a pneumatic lever, then you can adjust it to the optimal height when sitting on it. The ideal height is when the feet are flat on the floor without stretching and the thighs are horizontal. If the seat has arms, these should be level with the keyboard height.

Seat width and depth

The seat width will suit you without clamping and the depth will suffice so that your back rests against the back of the chair and the back of the knee is away from the edge. Nothing annoys people more than trying to sit comfortably and find the edge of the seat rubbing and chaffing their legs. Although the back can lean, it is better straightened than firm and permanently tilted.

Back Support

The backrest support is very important in an ergonomic chair. When you are not sitting properly in a chair, it is the lower back lumbar spine that is likely to give you pain - from the coccyx up to just below your ribs. Because this is a curved part of your backbone, it is likely to give you severe pain if it is forced to a more straight position with a chair back that does not provide any proper support. An ergonomic computer chair should offer support for your curved lower part that can be adjusted to fit your backs natural shape.

The backside should also be adjustable upside down - it is quite obvious that if your place can be moved upside down, then the backside will also be the same because we are not as big and higher people need more spacing between the seat and the back than less people. If it is also adjustable with regard to the angles on the back, the better, especially if the back is separate from the seat.


You should also be able to adjust the armrests. Armrests are also necessary because the arms would otherwise move in height when adjusting the seat height, so adjustable arms are an important feature of a truly ergonomic computer seat. As you write, your elbows should lie on your armrest with your forearms just above it.

Head rest

Many do not like sleep sleepers, but they should be accessible and adjustable so that you can support your head while writing. This can help prevent neck pain.

Rotation or Swivel

Every good office chair can swing these days so you reach somewhere on your desk without stretching. Wheels can also be an advantage when you reach different parts of your desk, but not so easy to move so you constantly move or tighten your feet to stay.

Leather or Fabric

A leather or vinyl cover for your chair may seem the best, but its not true. A respiratory tissue is significantly better than a material that will cause you to sweat. If you find it necessary to use a pillow to be comfortable, you have not set the computers chair properly.

Much depends on your budget, because every single function on an ergonomic computer chair can be added to the cost. For example, are you better off buying a cheap chair that offers all these or an expensive manufacturer that offers just a few? Its a hard decision to make, but generally you should be well-liked with a mid-range model offering as many of them as you can afford.

When you buy the best brand, you also pay for the name, and if you buy a cheap one, it is likely that it will only take one day over the warranty and then break down, which means the adjustment will stop adjusting and the fabric or vinyl will rip. If you can not have all the features, adjustable height and back are both necessary as these are the factors that help most to avoid back pain.

There are a lot of factors to consider when you decide on the best ergonomic computer chair for you, but you get a good chance to do that and find the most suitable chair if you take into consideration all of the above.

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