What Makes A Bad Office Chair?

What Makes A Bad Office Chair?

Some people usually dismiss office chairs as insignificant and some may even ignore them and think they are not as important as the furniture we use inside our homes. However, it is an incorrect view because we remember that we spend a lot of time, on average 8 or more hours, sitting on them at the workplace.

An office chair can give us the service we want, but it can also give us problems as well. We may not notice it, but since we have accepted this office stop, our health has deteriorated, our posture has become poor and blood circulation is even worse. Although these can be attributed to bad diet and lack of exercise which is also true, the health problems mentioned may have been caused by the workplace chairs we are sitting on. Yes, the office chair as you have ignored your entire office life has taken its toll.

Why do you think most employees now replace their old chairs with ergonomically correct? The most likely reason is that they have experienced the same problem as you did. To find out more about the possible health risks, your work chair can come in to you, read on.

Bad posture

Next time you sit on your chair for the office, try to take time and notice if you have the same problem. Poor attitude is obviously common among office workers, not only because of the nature of their work, but their office chairs lead them to be in the wrong position for a long time.

Such bad positions include slipping forward and not using the backrest support in the lumbar support. This happens when you try to lean forward to see something on the screen clearly or bend forward to read a document closer. What you do not notice is once youve become yourself in that position, the chance is that you will stay in the same position for hours until your back aches.

Another bad position that is common among office workers is the picture. It is very common, especially when we feel tired, tends to slide forward on the chairs of the chair until we almost lay down. For the most part, we assume this position when we are tired of sitting down with your back slowly, which you guessed right is the first position above.

Sometimes we must also blame the entire desktops positioning. If your computer screen is too far from your office chair, close-minded people will have the first place, while seeing people tend to do the other. In addition to adjusting the monitor to the correct distance, you must also adjust it to the correct height and eye level, one that does not force you to look up or look down.

Poor blood circulation

Poor blood circulation is also unfortunate among office workers because most of them tend to be in the same position for hours and hours. This will not help with the flow of blood at all. When you sit in the same position for a long time, pressure and stress will accumulate in the same parts of the body as we do not move enough to evenly distribute the pressure.

This event is why we feel so stressful and tired at the end of the day. You can choose work chairs that allow you to move almost forces you to move from time to time. Ergonomically correct work chairs that include this popular exercise ball chair.

Of course, you can fight the blood circulation problem yourself. Try to get up and walk around your office every now and then. This will cause your blood to flow and will also reduce the fatigue you always feel at the end of the day.

Too much body fat

Why? Because our office chairs are too stable and comfortable to eat, thats why. When we sit on regular work chairs for a long time, we tend to be tired and strained easily because there is nothing else to do. And so we learn early on to survive office life, you always have to munch something and even drink coffee with it. Trust me, if you are going to use a training ball chair, you will be so busy trying to balance yourself so that you will forget your stash of snacks.

Office workers also quickly conclude that, as stated above, their lifestyle is often sedentary. Sitting in the office for almost all day will surely not burn the fats youve hid. If I were you, I would start looking for ergonomic chairs that could fix these health problems.

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